TVXQ : Airport Fancam # 3

Date : 2015.02.01

Shanghai > Korea

Video Credits : Japan4@youtube 

Disclaimer : all images and videos are not mine

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윤재: What Love Really Is

4.  What Love Really Is Rating: PG Author: Miss_Sanzo Pairing/Characters: Yunjae, slight Yoosu, Changmin, minor SM Family + Angel Rating: PG Genre: Romance Summary: If you believe in love, then you’ll read this and believe in it all over again.   **In my opinion, Miss Sanzo is like one of the best Yunjae non-AU writer. All of her works are GOLD!!

Yunho: “Even if my mind was erased, I wouldn’t forget your face, your face is clear when I am full of sad memories and tears, even if I emptied my heart, our memories will still hold its place.”

“To tell the truth, ever since I met you, I only lived with thoughts of you; there was only one thing on my mind, from when I woke up in the morning, till when I went to bed at night.”

“My heart is like this, just the fact that I can watch over you, makes me so grateful, I’m so happy, even if I lack a lot.”

“But I never told you what I wanted to say, if you’re lost or looking, I’ll be here, when the rain is pouring, I’ll be your umbrella, when the wind is blowing, I’ll be your wall.”

“Because you’re my miracle, as long as you’re there, the world turns into a white dream. Do you know that I’m always sorry, that I can’t show you how much I love you.”

“Like an inexperienced fool, I lived without seeing the love you were giving me, from now on I won’t let you cry; I’ll be the warmth that covers any sadness and embraces you.”

“You were my world, one lost shoe, a small broken fingernail, the spilled hot coffee and stale tears too.”

“Even on the day my body vanishes, this love won’t disappear, even the flowers will wither away, but this feeling will last long enough to take the place of ‘eternity’, one thousand years of wishes soar in the sky, it’s alright if they never come true, as long as I can meet you, even with a thousand years of love, I can’t fully express my feelings for you, one thousand years of feelings, living on in a song, so that someday, when I’m reborn, I’ll be able to meet you.”

“Everyone knows it was you, when I was worn out and tired from loneliness, you, the person who laughed and sometimes cried, and was always there next to me.”

“Many people get tired of waiting and say that, ‘true love doesn’t exist’ but that is a lie.”

“Everyone is searching for a place, that can heal their sadness and loneliness, so, for you, that place is here. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you.”


9/10 stars

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TVXQ : Wrong Number




When Mirotic and Rising Sun was sang by Yunho and Changmin for the first time, I was sure that more ot5 songs will follow.I really don’t mind them singing, it was their song after all but some of the fans especially stans  can’t take it and as much as I want to understand their feelings on that matter, I just simply CANNOT comprehend their logic, it’s so childish and unreasonable at all. They are all entitled to sing those songs, so stans deal with it!

 Wrong Number

Wrong number is one of my favorite song of TVXQ when they were still 5 members, but damn Homin are both good on it, me again being biased.

Music Video:

[credit sment@youtube]


Dance Version :

[credit DanceVersion@youtube]

I fucking nosebleed on this version!

DBSK OT5 live :

[credit savior9095, egspecialdays, mbckpop, rachaelhale97, MIZooOracle, kjjtvxqhd @youtube]

miss them so much! 😦

them wearing suit… damn!

TVXQ “Homin” Concert:

[credit 薄一波@youtube]

Too much drama but Yunho and Changmin still nailed it! the stage performance is fuckin awesome, I just can’t…..

and of course my YUNHO version:

[credit miikorin @ youtube]

are you kiddin? i will never forget his version….

Fancam “Yunho Focus” :

[credit kay t, miho316203, jyjharmony, nad jae @youtube]


[credit cat4siwon, mabe1025 @ youtube]

Yah, even Jaejoong can’t help it! LOL

[credit VampiCat NoNi @ youtube]





Picture Credits:, tumblr and  all the rightful owner.

Disclaimer : all images and videos are not mine!


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정윤호 in BLACK # 1 _ Catch Me










This is my fave…


Picture Credits: Facebook SMTown and to all the rightful owner

Disclaimer : all images are not mine!

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TVXQ : Airport Fancam # 2

Date : 2015.01.09


Video Credits : noitana2011@youtube 

Disclaimer : all images and videos are not mine

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TVXQ : Airport Fancam # 1

Date : 2015.01.02



Video Credits: WEB2.0@youtube 

Disclaimer : all images and videos are not mine

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윤재: Suppress

3. Suppress

Rating: PG-13 / R

Author: little_passions


Stay (Sequel)


Suppress: Although controlling his initial dislike for Kim Jaejoong had been hard, denying his new feelings for him was even harder.

Stay: He would wait for as long as it took until Yunho loved him again.

※ if you are a YunJae diehard and a fanfic follower at livejournal, then there is no chance you havent read little_passions’ work. this is the first fic of her i’ve read and got me hooked insanely. a very angst plot that will make you brokenhearted, but she wrote a happy ending sequel which is amazingly good as the first one.

“Yunho: You’re so used to routine, and the idea of me exhilarates you because I don’t fit in with your world. Please, Jaejoong, if you…if you like me at all, you’ll leave.”


9/10 stars

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