TVXQ 東方神起 ~Shilla Duty Free CM

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TVXQ’s Shilla Duty Free CM Making:

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TVXQ’s Changmin films a kiss scene for his Shilla Duty-Free CF! (

Yesterday, we reported on TVXQ’s CF deal with Shilla’s Duty-Free, and MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Report” has revealed coverage from the set of the commercial at the Incheon International Airport.

On the May 15th broadcast, took viewers on the set of TVXQ’s CF as they portray a story to two guys and a girl in the middle.

On this day, Yunho had endless running scenes, and he explained, “It is a scene in which I am running after seeing my girlfriend in love with Changmin.”

He continued, “Changmin has a kiss scene too,” revealing his slight jealousy.

The following scene was filmed in the center of the airport, and Changmin gave off the impression that he was rather experienced, as he led the actress in filming their kiss scene.

However, due to Changmin’s continuous NGs, the filming was delayed. Eventually the actress said, “Haven’t you had much experience,” causing the set to turn into a sea of laughter.

Later this day, Changmin was asked regarding his ideal woman. He responded, “My ideal type changes all the time. Lately I like Han Ye Seul nuna. She has the power to move me.


TVXQ has displayed a fresh look in their endorsement for ‘Shilla Duty-Free’ commercial film and this has created various topics. Starting from July, Shilla Duty Free Shop will target women in their 20s and 30s in Korea, China and Japan, and thus the company decided that TVXQ is perfect for their globalization marketing campaign due to their high popularity in these countries.

In the second half of 2011, Shilla Duty Free Shop will release a commercial film with the concept of ‘My Dramatic Vacation: My Journey Begin’. In this film, a variety of products will be introduced, together with a story plot with love and friendship involved, similar to that of a TV series which could make the audience’s heart throb with dismay, whereby the male and female characters will meet and eventually leave each other. This time round, the emphasis is on ‘How shopping could be affordable’ and unlike the general Duty-Free advertisements, this advertisement aims to give customers special and memorable travel memories, as well as to show a new image of Duty Free Shops.

There will be a total of three commercials.

In the first commercial, which is a chapter on ‘Uknow Yunho’, displays a scene in which Yunho hurriedly arrived at the airport so as to look for the girl that he loves. Upon reaching the airport, Yunho found the girl but witnessed a kissing scene between that girl and Changmin.

In the second commercial, which is a chapter on ‘Choikang Changmin’, Changmin went for a sweet yet dangerous kiss, in order to win the heart of the girl. Through this advertisement, Changmin displays an image that is completely different from his previous one; he changed from a positive image into a fatally attractive bad guy.

In the third commercial, which is a chapter on ‘that girl’, shows the inner complexity the girl is feeling, having torn between Yunho and Changmin. Though she was attracted to Changmin who was courting her, her heart still misses Yunho’s charms. Who will she choose between these two guys? This story then begins.

All three commercials will be advertising watches, lipstick, bags and etc. The commercial is set to air in mid-June. In order to facilitate customers coming from different countries, the commercials will include Chinese and Japanese subtitles as well.

How Korean Star TVXQ who is representing this commercial are going to capture the hearts of Asian women is another factor that is highly anticipated.

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My Bitter Comment:

now what is wrong with TVXQ’s Marketing People?? are they all sadist, trying to kill / torture all the fangirls all over the world by making us go crazy over this kind of  CM and promotions?? im so pissed! for crying out loud they are so smart and badass at the same time, using HOMIN as a bait….very smart move! and now were doomed with this kind of mixed emotions and having a hard time whether to hate it (because of enviness) or love it (because of fu*king hotness).

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