TVXQ : Wrong Number




When Mirotic and Rising Sun was sang by Yunho and Changmin for the first time, I was sure that more ot5 songs will follow.I really don’t mind them singing, it was their song after all but some of the fans especially stans  can’t take it and as much as I want to understand their feelings on that matter, I just simply CANNOT comprehend their logic, it’s so childish and unreasonable at all. They are all entitled to sing those songs, so stans deal with it!

 Wrong Number

Wrong number is one of my favorite song of TVXQ when they were still 5 members, but damn Homin are both good on it, me again being biased.

Music Video:

[credit sment@youtube]


Dance Version :

[credit DanceVersion@youtube]

I fucking nosebleed on this version!

DBSK OT5 live :

[credit savior9095, egspecialdays, mbckpop, rachaelhale97, MIZooOracle, kjjtvxqhd @youtube]

miss them so much! 😦

them wearing suit… damn!

TVXQ “Homin” Concert:

[credit 薄一波@youtube]

Too much drama but Yunho and Changmin still nailed it! the stage performance is fuckin awesome, I just can’t…..

and of course my YUNHO version:

[credit miikorin @ youtube]

are you kiddin? i will never forget his version….

Fancam “Yunho Focus” :

[credit kay t, miho316203, jyjharmony, nad jae @youtube]


[credit cat4siwon, mabe1025 @ youtube]

Yah, even Jaejoong can’t help it! LOL

[credit VampiCat NoNi @ youtube]





Picture Credits:, tumblr and  all the rightful owner.

Disclaimer : all images and videos are not mine!



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